Easy! Just complete the vendor application HERE and we will be in touch regarding product category and space availability!

Sales are processed the first business day of each month for the month prior via direct deposit.

Vendors pay upfront for their first month space fee. After the first month, the space fees for the upcoming month are deducted from sales paid to you.

Our vendors enter into a flexible six-month contract commitment. These contracts are structured in two periods: January to June and July to December. Should a vendor wish to terminate their contract, they are required to provide 30 days' notice, allowing for contract discontinuation at the end of the respective six-month period. This arrangement offers vendors the adaptability to make decisions that align with their business needs.

Vendor applications become closed once all available spaces have been allocated for the current contract term. However, they will reopen in anticipation of the next term. If you're interested in becoming a vendor, we encourage you to sign up for our mailing list to receive notifications when applications become available again. This way, you'll be among the first to know when new opportunities arise.

If you are an existing vendor in our space, your contract will automatically roll over every six months. You have the flexibility to communicate your space requirements at any time, whether you need more, less, or different space, and we will make every effort to accommodate your needs in the upcoming contract term.

Our fee structure includes a monthly space fee, along with a 15% sales commission. These combined fees contribute to covering routine storefront expenses, including utilities, staffing, marketing, and supplies. The monthly space fees can vary based on the size and location of the vendor space you rent.

For specific details on the store layout and pricing, please click HERE, where you can find comprehensive information regarding the various options available.


We offer a range of sizes and spaces to cater to vendors of all kinds. When you complete your application, you'll be prompted to specify your space preferences. As openings become available, we make every effort to find the perfect match that suits your needs.

To maintain a cohesive and consistent look throughout the store, we supply all the necessary brackets, hanging fixtures, shelving for wall spaces, as well as a selection of racks and tables. Upon approval, vendors may be able to bring in smaller fixtures and decor items to enhance the presentation of their merchandise and express their unique brand. However, larger fixtures are provided to ensure they align with the store's overall aesthetics and layout.

The Collective & Vine is responsible for paying the utility bills, which are shared between all vendors and therefore, are paid from the space fee. This fee contributes to covering routine storefront expenses, including utilities.

Vendors provide their own hangers. All hangers must be black.

Vendors have the ability to input their store inventory directly into the point of sale system using Consignor Access. Every item receives a unique barcode, and it's mandatory that all items are tagged with our barcode labels before they are placed on the sales floor. You can conveniently print these labels in-store at the register, and vendors are welcome to stop by at their convenience to collect these labels.

Tagging items can be done either in advance or as they are placed on the sales floor.

As a vendor, you will be granted a login to access your sales data. This access will empower you to effectively manage your inventory by tracking what has been sold. Our store staff will maintain open communication with you and keep you informed about when your space requires restocking. You have the flexibility to replenish your space at any time during our business hours to ensure your products are readily available to customers.


No! We provide dedicated store management and sales staff.

Our store is equipped with a specialized point of sale system tailored for managing sales and inventory within a multi-vendor environment. Each vendor is given access to Consignor Access, which serves as a dedicated portal to track your sales, inventory, and payout receipts, offering you full control and transparency over your business within our space.

Credit card fees are covered by the vendor and deducted from your monthly payout. We have competitive negotiated credit card processing rates and those savings are passed along to the vendors. 

We calculate, hold and report all sales tax on items sold.


Monday . . . . . CLOSED
Tues - Fri . . . . . 11am - 6pm
Saturday. . . . . .11am - 6pm
Sunday . . . . . . CLOSED

Hours may vary by season.

Yes! Hosting special events like tent sales, sidewalk sales, Christmas Open House, Ladies Nights, and more can create exciting opportunities for both vendors and customers. These events can draw larger crowds and provide a unique shopping experience!


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call or email us we will be happy to assist you!

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